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Today's Program



Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic our school changed its operations to comply with federal, state, and city guidelines:


  1. Students now have an option for remote lessons. Please call us for details.
  2. Students and their caregivers who elect to attend our studio in person, must wear masks at all times while on premises. 

Our programs include Individual and Group classes for children age 3+ to adults.  We also prepare students for gifted and talented children schools: Bay Academy, M. Twain, La Guardia. and others.


We are happy to announce that we now offer violin lessons. Please call us for details.



Private lessons:

Private  lessons are the best way to develop the skills of  any instrumental / vocal performer or artist. Teaching one-on-one  gives  one an opportunity  to make an ideal match  between student and teacher based on the student's needs, past experience , and all that is necessary for  growth of a student.


Students may begin private lessons at any time during the school year. 30, 45, & 60 minute lessons are available in :  

  1. Piano / Keyboard / Organ / Piano duo
    Classical and Jazz
  2. Vocal (Classical, Popular songs, including Disney and Broadway favorites)
  3. Guitar  (Acoustic, Electric, and Classical)
    Classical, Rock, and Jazz
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  4. Art (Composition / Drawing / Fine Art)
  5. Violin (Classical)


Group Lessons:

Group lessons help students realize their dreams of making music, shows, and art. Students may begin group lessons at the beginning  of school semester. 45 or 60 min lessons are available.


Small Group Lessons are offered in:


* Theory/Solfege

The study of theory and solfege provides a foundation in knowledge of music notation, scales, chords, keys sight-singing, ear training, and music dictation.

The Class also provides fundamentals of singing for young voices. Students work on breathing technique, intonation in singing scales, intervals, chords, and simple parts of songs.


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* Special Program for children 3+

Our special program for children 3+ provides music experiences for young children. We give opportunities for musical growth of every child through  listening, singing , movement games and playing simple percussion instruments, bells and note tubes, which will develop musical skills to read and understand music.

Parents may come in to speak to the teacher at the last 5 min. of the class, to receive homework instructions and to discuss their children progress.


* Theater

The Class provides basics of Acting technique: warm ups, acting exercises, theater games, voice training, body movements, improvisation and scene work. At the end of the semester there is a performance  of scenes / play we work on during the semester.


* Art Class (drawing/composition/fine art):

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Please call for information about classes, schedule and tuition/payments

How to Find Us:

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